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    The number of asteriks ** next to the carpet name in the Carpet Index Table
    indicates the warranty for that particular carpet.
  • General Specifications & Warranty Information
    ** 10 Year Warranty

    Class I flammability rating
    Meets required government and school specs.
    High fiber density for maximum durability
    Static control
    Soil & stain resistant
    Antimicrobial treatment for better hygiene
    Environmentally friendly

    Print Base
    Description.....Level Loop Broadloom and Rugs
    Fiber Type.....Advanced Generation Nylon
    Maintenance.....Dry carpet cleaning - Vacuum regularly

    Fabric Finish
    Dye Method.....Zimmer
    Soil Release Treatment.....Scotchguard™
    Antimicrobial - Guards mildew, mold, fungi & bacteria

    Fabric Construction
    Finished face weight....18oz./sq.yd.
    Stitches per inch.....13 / in.
    Machine Gauge.....5 / 64"
    Finished Pile Height.....0.1875 in.
    Primary Back.....Woven Polypropylene
    Secondary Back.....Synthetic Action Back or
                               polyurethane cushion back (Kanga Trac)
    Total Weight .....48 oz. / sq.yd. with Action Back
    Width (Broadloom).....12 ft.

    Performance Specifications
    Static Electricity....3.4 KV (below human sensitivity level)
    Traffic....recommended for residential or commercial use.

    Radiant Panel Test -.96 watts/cm² (ASTM - E648 Class I)
    Pill Test - Pass (DOC FF-1-70)
    Optical Smoke Density - 116 (flaming), 235 (nonflaming)
    NYS-DOS Toxicity No. - 09680-890831-4077 (Action Back)

    Specs. subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.
    Sizes are approximate. Actual carpet color may vary.

    *** 5 Year Warranty

    Manufacturer guarantees if this carpet is properly installed and maintained and the surface pile in an area abrasively wears more than 10 percent within five years, it will be replaced at the manufacturers expense. This warranty does not cover burns, tears, pulls, cuts or damage due to improper cleaning agents or methods, nor does it cover carpet installed on stairs.

    This carpet meets or exceeds Federal flammability standards.

    Carpet Care & Cleaning: Vacuum regularly for preventive maintenance. Spots may be sponged with a mild solution od detergent and water. Consult manufacturer or professional cleaning service before using chemicals. Regular Care and cleaning should keep periodic professional cleaning to a minimum.

    Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Materials may be subject to change without prior notice.
    Sizes are approximate. Actual carpet color may vary.

    Futura & Uniclic Flooring Warranty

    Futura Congoleum Flooring comes with a lifelong warranty that it will not wear not and will be free of manufacturing defects. The warranty also covers the flooring will not permanently stain, including stains from asphalt driveways and driveway sealer, it will be easy to clean and not gouge, rip, tear or indent from normal use, it will not permanently scuff from shoe soles, incuding sneakers and it will not discolor from mold, mildew or akali - all listed above warranted for a period of 10 years!

    Uniclic Laminate Flooring comes with a 15 year limited warranty against wear, fading and stains. Also, our Majestic line is available with a higher taber commercial quality for use in high traffic areas and medium commercial applications. Any residential application is warranted for 15 years. Commercial applications are warranted for 10 years.

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